Deze week...

werd ik erg blij van mijn nieuwe ketting die ik bestelde bij Sonja van bySoos.

werd ik verliefd op een mooie, oude VW pickup die als 'decoratie' in de plaatselijke Intratuin stond.

genoten we tussen de buien door van de herfstzon!

ontdekte ik een nieuw Brits tijdschrift waarover later meer...

© photo by Mirjam

This week...

I was very happy when my new necklace arrived, which I ordered from Sonja (bySoos).

I fell in love with a beautiful, old VW pick-up which was part of the decoration in our local garden center.

we enjoyed the autumn sun in between showers!

I discovered a new British magazine about which I am going to write more in one of my next posts...

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  1. Ooh I can't wait to read about the magazine! :)

    1. Martina, have a look at this film - I think you'll like it :) I'm going to write about the British magazine I 'discovered' later this week...

    2. Oops, I forgot the link... here it is: http://www.flowmagazine.nl/2012/11/05/big-news-small-movie-2/

    3. Thank you! Just checked it out, the magazine looks awesome & it's so cool that it's an English edition! I miss being inspired by Dutch style (I studied in Maastricht), so hopefully this magazine will also come to the Czech Republic. :) x

    4. Maybe you can order it online? Otherwise I can send it to you... We could do a magazine swap! :) X

    5. A magazine swap sounds great! I'd be up for it ;)

    6. Ok! Let's think about that. I think the december issue of an interior magazine might be interesting because of Christmas inspiration... What kind of magazines do you like?

    7. Well any Dutch magazine would be nice! But what about the Czech magazines? I guess it could be a bit annoying because of the language but... design/interior magazines are mainly all about the photos.. what do you think?

    8. Sorry, I've been a bit busy lately but I still love the idea of a magazine swap! Have you already checked if you can buy the international edition of Flow? How many magazines would you like to swap? I think interior magazines are very suitable because of all the photos...! :)) Exciting idea!
      X M

    9. I wasn't able to find Flow here... so would be really nice if we could do a swap! Maybe I could post a bunch of Czech magazines (interior ones?). Maybe it's better to discuss it in an email? :D Mine is thirdculturecool@gmail.com :)